Two Minute Tuesday: 3 Views on What is Real and True

Quotes. Two Minutes. Go!

There are three main views of how we know what is real and true. The first view is that we are completely independent of God. It claims that we are in total control of the process of gaining all knowledge. God does not exist or, if he does, he is irrelevant. There can, therefore, be no knowledge of God but only knowledge of what people believe about God. We gain knowledge only through our sense and reason, and must decide for ourselves what is true.

The second view is that we are only partly independent of God. There is an area of truth that is beyond our human abilities to find out. Thus it can be known only by revelation. Knowledge that comes by revelation is simply added to the knowledge we gain by ourselves in order to complete the picture.

The third and biblical view is that God created everything and therefore knows everything. God also created humankind in his own image so that we know God from what is created. All facts, including those about ourselves, are facts about God, since he is the creator of all facts and gives them their meaning. Confusion enters because of sin. As sinners, we refuse to accept that the universe is God’s and that we are God’s creatures. We refuse God’s interpretation of reality and substitute our won false interpretation. God justly gives mankind up to this folly and, as a consequence, we are no longer able to perceive the truth about God, which is everywhere around us and within us. But in his goodness, and in accordance with his plan of salvation, God provides a special revelation through his Word. He also sends his Holy Spirit to subdue the rebellious wills of his people so that they can perceive the truth of this revelation. By this means alone are we able to know truly.

–Graeme Goldsworthy, According to Plan


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